‘Coaches are professionals and lead sessions in an exciting and engaging manner.Pupils are highly motivated and behaviour is managed effectively.Small Beginnings has enabled us to offer and developp a broad sporting programme to our schools  since 2012.’

Ark Atwood Primary Academy

Small Beginnings School Provision

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Led by our team of experienced coaches, children become familiar with the practice of sports such as basketball, tennis, hockey and football, as well as various games in a safe and stimulating environment.

The sessions are structured in short periods of games and drills, which help coordination, spatial awareness, balance and motor skills whilst naturally drawing on the children’s stamina to build up physical strength, social skills and self-confidence.

This programme is tailored to specific and narrow age groups and in accordance with The National Curriculum, all our staff hold a minimum level 2 certificate in Childcare Sports coaching and first aid.


A safe and fun pre-club and club level football training program which has been developed by F.A. qualified professionals and adapted to follow the pace of individual children.

Our coaches have years of experience working with school children and clubs and are committed to getting each child actively involved, stimulated, confident and progressing without pressure.

Each session has an active structure in which football basics are learnt through games, enhancing spatial awareness, balance and social skills for the future.

All coaches are F.A qualified and CRB checked.


The goal of our coaches is to introduce children to cricket from a younger age, from simple preparatory exercises to small six-a-side games.

In a relaxed and safe environment, children progress comfortably as they get familiar with the skills to play the game firstly on Kwik Cricket equipment to later get to grips with pro equipment.

Our program is in accordance with The England and Wales Cricket Board  with all our coaches holding a minimum ECB level 1 certificate and experience in teaching pre-club and club level Cricket.


Swimming and confidence in the water is an essential life skill.
As well as being both a relaxing and a stimulating activity, swimming helps to improve many core skills and a child’s general wellbeing.

As children learn to manoeuvre in water, their independence and self-confidence will increase naturally, allowing them to thrive in the aquatic environment. This helps the process of learning and mastering strokes and eventually sports skills can be acquired more naturally and with less effort.

All teachers and coaches are A.S.A qualified, experienced in each age group, CRB checked and insured for participants’ safety.

We have developed a specialist range of materials and activities for children in Early Years and Foundation Stage. Our approach has been developed over thirteen years of weekly workshops at residency school with Nursery and Reception classes. It draws on the most effective aspects of the Western European Classical music traditions, in combination with other aural/ oral based world traditions of teaching and music making, incorporating the music, instruments, songs and styles of world music within a coherent and structured framework.

Our work in this field is based on research and understanding of early childhood development including musical, cognitive, social and language skills. Sessions are holistic in engaging the body, mind and spirit of the young child in the musical learning process, enabling the whole person to develop as a musician. They use live music and musicians to lead the sessions, because that is how we make music together and children learn from sharing, watching and experiencing their expertise.

Activities promote cultural understanding and positive social integration, strong community values and effective social skills. Sessions include songs, stories, pulse and rhythmic games, composition, listening and most importantly fun!


Songwriting workshops inspire creativity and imagination, and are the most accessible way to engage children, young people and adults in composing their own music.

Whether for a one-off workshop or a longer project the activity of songwriting has the ability to take a group on an exciting journey as a new song takes shape that expresses the musical, emotional and creative

World of the participants. The theme can be spontaneous or tailored to the school’s needs and interests – a new school song, anti-bullying, a celebration or linked with another curriculum subject or project.

Multiple classes or groups can write a sequence of songs to create a themed performance or mini-musical and we also have templates of musicals to bring into schools to learn, compose for and perform.


Contemporary music blends and fuses technology with tradition at every level and in musical styles in every corner of the globe. Through music technology musicians of all ages and abilities can access and develop a whole range of musical skills and explore the global musical environment that young people live in today.

Working with Apple Mac computers the workshops focus on work with loops and samples, recording, editing and mixing of live and MIDI generated sound. The software used includes Garageband, Reason and Protools.

Most workshops and projects lead to the production of a finished recording of music created and produced by the participants.

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