Multisports/Games Academy

From 3 to 12 years old

Led by our team of experienced coaches, the sessions are structured into short periods of games and drills, enhancing coordination, spatial awareness, balance and motor skills whilst naturally drawing on the children’s stamina to build up physical strength, social skills and self-confidence.

The sessions are tailored to specific and narrow age groups, helping each child to engage and thrive in this fun and pressure-free Sports environment.

Our Coaching team concentrate on movement Games to introduce Sports core skills naturally.
Running, Jumping, Skipping, passing, Catching and moving…
Great work is put into improving spacial awareness fitness and coordination which will enhance the children’s future sports performances.

As well as improving social skills our aim is to offer sports and games sessions creating maximum enjoyment and involvement and to help children realise their full potential.


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(+44) 1342 826 258
0779 976 0510

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