Summer fun…


As a somewhat soggy summer approaches, all things winged are beginning to re-emerge.

As the natural world unveils the delicate wings of the butterflies, the fledgling birds take first flight and the bumble bees return, we can see how connected our children are to each season.

They have such an affinity with flight, especially at this time of year. Whether it’s racing down a hill to fly a kite, jumping off the edge of the sofa or running round a garden in fairy wings: they love the freedom of leaping into the space around them.

You can make a flight filled toy by sewing some long brightly coloured strips of ribbon onto a palm-sized beanbag. The fluttering ribbons make learning to catch easier for little hands and improve hand to eye co-ordination.

Invite the bees back into your garden by planting bee friendly flowers like foxgloves and cowslips .You could have a go at making your own very simple alder cone bee by wrapping some yellow wool or thread round the cone and making some tissue paper wings.  Attach one to a favourite stick with some thread and let them fly round the garden!

Older children and adults seeking flights of fancy could have a go at trapeze lessons, bungee jumping or leaping out of planes- the possibilities are endless!

Here at Small Beginnings we’re running some fantastic workshops both in and outside, so whatever the weather we’ll have them leaping in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Have a look at our timetable for more details.

by Kate Alderton

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