Spring is in the air!

Wednesday the 21st March is the start of British Springtime in our calendars. Also known as Spring Equinox it’s that time of year when the day and night are of equal length and in perfect balance.

Celebrate the returning of the sunlight by taking a walk and watching out for all the new life emerging after those long winter months! Flowers bursting through the soil, covering the earth with colour again.

You could make a simple flower garland with very young children by threading the flower heads together from a hyacinth with a large needle and thread.

Mothers Day on Sunday the 18th is time for celebration too! As well as thanking our own mothers it’s a great time for celebrating the many women in our lives who have a truly positive effect on our mothering. Women who support us, inspire us or just remind that we’re doing a good job!

We can draw wisdom from the equinox and take time to reflect on ways to help us retain balance as we juggle the flow of energy needed for our relationships, our children, our work and ourselves.

Whether its meditation or just breathing a little deeper throughout the day, yoga or having a go at an acrobatics balancing class; taking time to find balance will always nourish us with energy!

Happy Springtime from all of us at Small Beginnings!

By Kate Alderton

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