Kwik Cricket at Lord’s Cricket Ground!

Small Beginnings is proud to announce its latest sporting venture: starting in January, we will be holding a Saturday Kwik Cricket class for 4-8 year-olds at Lord’s Cricket Ground no less.

With a history spanning over two hundred years, the so-called ‘home of cricket’ – Lord’s – is the oldest and most prestigious cricket venue in the world. It will be an absolute thrill and honour to use their fantastic facilities to start employing our unique and newly-devised method to teach children as young as 4 to play this fun and wonderful sport!

Cricket was originally a children’s only game, thought to have been invented in Norman or Saxon times in the Weald region of Kent and Sussex. The first equipment may have been a lump of sheep’s wool as the ball, a stick as the bat and a tree stump as the wicket. It wasn’t until the 17th century that adults began to play it too and so it began to be known as a village sport. Its spread across the Commonwealth in the 1800′s paved the way for the more organised and competitive team sport cricket is nowadays and for it to become the second most popular sport in the world after football.

Cricket is a marvellous all-round sport which provides not only the physical exercise your child craves and needs, but also helps improve coordination – particularly hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration. Being a team sport, it also aids in the development and advancement of social skills, cooperation, strategic thinking and the following of rules both individually and as a group.

Amongst the benefits of playing cricket there has been talk of improved behaviour too, according to a study published recently: And with that added bonus, who can resist the charms of cricket?

Remember that places are limited and the class is filling up quickly, so don’t delay and contact us to reserve your child’s place now!

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