Birthday ideas

Every year, when children’s birthdays approach, families think hard how to mark the occasion in a special way.

It’s easy to get stuck in practicalities and preparations, but wouldn’t it be lovely to also have a moment of reflection on the true nature of birthdays? After all, it is a yearly milestone that is reached not without effort – by the growing child, the family and the wider community to which you belong.

With each passing year, children feel a bit more ‘grown up’, as they climb the ladder to adulthood in a rather speedy manner! So many things change in one year: new additions to the family, starting school, a new friend, perhaps a new home… even new teeth can be celebrated!

Growth can also be quantifiable in things they have learnt to do by themselves (‘you are now able to tie your shoelaces on your own’. Or ‘you learnt to read this past year’). On the other hand, anticipation of things to come helps children draw a mental map of the year ahead: ‘this year you’ll be learning to swim’. Or ‘we’re going to visit Grandad in the summer’ – that will sure bring a spark to their eyes.

There are lovely simple ways to make your children feel that extra special for their birthday: how about decorating their place at the breakfast table with a flower and putting on a crown and cape to take part in a ‘breakfast banquet’? The Birthday child is indeed king / queen for the day.

Telling them a Birthday story is a beautiful tradition that can be carried on year after year. A personalised explanation of how they came into this world, full of magic and beautiful images can be found here:

These days, a party is an almost inseparable part of children’s birthdays. We parents put a lot of love and effort into these occasions. Here are some homemade birthday cake ideas for a personal touch:

Small Beginnings can also help you create a highly enjoyable and memorable experience for your child’s party. We provide entertainment with one or more of our coaches: dynamic sports sessions (including football) and games are guaranteed to keep the little ones active and busy in a positive way during the celebration, whilst you remain stress-free. Please contact us with your enquiry, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote for your party entertainment needs.

Another aspect that is worth looking into is the end of the day. After such an exciting train of events, wouldn’t it be helpful to review with your child everything that happened? It would help them digest it and store it in their heart as a treasured memory. As we mention every person who came to their birthday party and perhaps write thank you cards, the seed of gratitude is sown and tended to in a loving way.
By Maria Montoya

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