Parents need exercise too!

We all acknowledge the importance of exercise for children; it keeps them healthy, channels their seemingly endless energy and helps them sleep. But sometimes we are so busy scheduling our children’s time and working so hard that we forget we too could benefit greatly from some regular exercise.
If you need a bit more motivation than the gym can offer, why not try a personal trainer? They can assess your fitness and provide a tailor-made routine which will show results quickly. If you need to invest on your fitness but are short of time, a personal trainer comes to your home or workplace, or you can choose to meet outdoors in a local park.
Ludo, one of our multisport leaders, is offering parents the chance to exercise outdoors with a personalised regime at a venue near you: work, home, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Priory Park… You choose the place that suits you best! The time is also up to you: evenings, lunch hours, after work or even before work!


Contact us for more details and to book your first personal trainer session with coach Ludo:

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