Helping the imagination

Last week, more than 200 childhood experts signed a public letter in a bid to protect young children from what they called ‘the erosion of childhood’. In a cry for common sense to prevail, they urged parents to counteract the ‘too much too soon’ culture of our consumerist society:
We all acknowledge that fostering children’s imagination and creativity is an urgent matter these days. But sometimes, we as parents get swept into a whirlpool of misinformation and even panic – which in turn can lead us to follow trends that could be counterproductive, such as the ‘throw-away culture’ which encourages materialism.
Children are the original outside-the-box thinkers. Letting their imagination flourish teaches them flexibility and creativity in problem-solving. To be creative is to be resourceful; making instead of buying, creating instead of copying, expressing instead of repeating…

If one replaced every pair of knee-ripped trousers instead of taking the time to mend them, children would only learn that things are disposable and that money can buy anything, anytime. An important lesson skipped… A lesson that may be transformed into something significant when they grow up, such as the way they treat people.


Toys are another example. With open-ended toys, children can bring to life their own images and stories. Overly-manufactured toys, which can only be the one thing or character they represent, stifle the imagination, as there is little room for expansion and creativity.
So we look for toys which can be brought to life by children’s play, toys that would be played with for many years as they can be transformed into anything by the child’s imagination and would last as they are beautiful and sturdy. In sum, toys that encourage creativity and aid us in our goal of instilling permanent, good values in our children. Bramble Corner Toyshop is a wonderful destination where to find beautiful, creative and well-crafted toys, made with care and chosen with love by their knowledgeable owners.

by Maria Montoya

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